Mixed Antelope Species Exhibit Survey Results

Compiled by Anita Schamberger

Survey Results by Subgroups

Survey by Other Groupings

Support Material

Information regarding historical and current antelope mixed species management had been somewhat limited.  The Antelope Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) distributed surveys requesting information regarding mixed species antelope management to AZA institutions in the Spring of 1997.  The purpose was to collect information regarding various management techniques.  It was hoped that the information could be presented in a format that would serve as a resource for managers interested in future antelope mixed species management. Anita Schamberger compiled all the returned survey data into one summary document included in the 1998 AZA Antelope Husbandry Resource Manual.  The summary data is displayed within table format, broken down by antelope subgroups, independent AZA institutional  information, bachelor herd data, and finally known interspecies hybrids.  

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